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Wooden jewelry box from India.
Size: Length: 2 inches, Width: 2 inches, Height: 1.5 inches.
Handcrafted and hand carving work.
Made by artisans of Saharanpur famous for wood carving.
Used for protecting and preserving Jewelry Indian way.

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Fine Indian jewelry will, of course, need to be nestled on equally beautiful cases. A traditional yet always charming way to treasure those jewelry pieces is through jewelry boxes. These wooden Indian jewelry boxes are designed and made by the same hands of highly skilled craftsmen who are constantly acclaimed for their intricate designs and woodwork used for the printing of Indian sarees, which are garments worn around the waist.
The process of carving the wooden blocks for the art of the handblock printer is, indeed, a special skill. Most artisans, who design and construct these blocks for printers, are keen carvers as well. They have mastered the art of carving and the use of brass and wood in order to fashion the wooden blocks and to print lines and motifs.
There is a small town situated near Delhi, called Pulkhua, which pays tribute to the rich and dynamic culture of its region by using local wood for its products, be it door knobs, wooden blocks, tabletop accessories, lampshades, doorways, and even murals. Not only do these artists carve the wood into intricate and almost lifelike floral patterns, or even edgy geometric designs, but they also chisel finer patterns which are inlaid with some brass wire. They may also inlay the carved wood with bone chips and white metal for a more ethnic look. Therefore, a lot of work goes into these beautiful jewelry boxes. They are to be treasured just as much as the gems and stones they keep.